Yim's Produce and Seafood

Fresh Asian Produce

Shop for all of your favorite fresh vegetables and exotic fruits at Yim’s Market.

Come See What’s in Stock:
  • Asian vegetables
  • Asian Fruits
  • Asian Pears and exotic fruits

Yim's Produce and Seafood

Fresh & Frozen Seafood

You can’t beat the service at Yim’s. Come browse our selection of fresh and frozen seafood. We carry delicious fish, shrimp, and oysters that will keep you coming back for more.

Come See What’s in Stock:
  • Frozen sushi grade fish
  • Fresh tuna and salmon
  • Frozen oysters and shrimp
  • Frozen saltwater fish and clams

Yim's Produce and Seafood

Asian Groceries

Come browse our store. We carry everything you need to make your favorite Asian dishes. Whether you try something new or stick to an old favorite—there’s something here for everyone.

Come See What’s in Stock:
  • Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese foods
  • Rice noodles, ramen noodles, instant noodles, udon noodles
  • Sushi rice, Thai Jasmine rice, Brown rice, Sweet rice, long grain 
  • Asian sauces, spices, condiments, miso paste and more
  • Loose leaf teas, teas and coffee beverages, coconut juice 
  • Sake, Asian beer, Soju, wine
  • Sushi ingredients: sushi grade fish, seaweed, wasabi, rice vinegar
Wholesale Sushi Supplier

Wholesale Fish & Seafood Supplier

We provide sushi-grade frozen fish and seafood to local restaurants in the Reno area. Our family works diligently to get you the best-quality ingredients at a completive price. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale services.

Who We Serve:
  • Japanese Restaurants

  • Vietnamese Restaurants

  • Korean Restaurants

  • Chinese Restaurants